What are the popular colors for the living room in 2021?

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January 14, 2021
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Modern living room design in light colours in a modern style

modern living room uk

Current trends in interior design for modern living room are increasingly reduced to providing a person with maximum freedom. This is facilitated by a well-thought-out palette, technological methods, and the rejection of detailed and useless décor. This will be the living room in a modern style in bright colours, in which everything is subordinated to comfort.

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Why light shades

The choice of colours usually follows simple rules:

  • There are two primary colours and one accent colour in the composition.
  • Room decoration can be nearly monochrome – in different shades of the same range.
  • For small rooms, the lightest colours are chosen, for spacious rooms – almost any, but taking into account the windows’ location.
  • It is desirable to “paint” northern rooms in warm light shades; southern ones can be cool – depending on the climate.
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These rules, light shades are considered optimal for the design of any premises. Regardless of the primary colour’s nature, the pastel palette visually liberates the room, making it easy to perceive and airy. White, cream, beige visually increase the area of ​​space.

The design of a living room in light colours in a modern style often uses the technique of merging furniture and walls, which allows you to almost completely free the room, leaving only room for comfort, a pleasant pastime, for thoughts and communication.

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However, a bright living room can be unimaginably different – simple and minimalistic, glossy and technological, space and weightless. It all depends on the choice of stylistic direction for its design.

Modern interior styles in light colours

modern living room uk

A neutral palette is an ideal solution for a spacious room combined with a kitchen, dining room or even a bedroom, as well as for small-sized housing. Even to a greater extent, light colours are more applicable in an apartment where the living room does not please a large area.

Given the versatility of this range, you can choose almost any modern style for a modest room:


Minimalism is laconicism, restraint in everything.

Minimum details, maximum functionality. Such an interior will be virtually invisible in a light palette, and a person is given absolutely free space.

modern living room uk


Is another functional modern direction with high-tech equipment for living space. Metallic shades, glass and plastic, distinguish such a living room in light colours.

modern living room uk

But with such styles as pop art, kitsch, fusion, light colours are little associated, because the living room in such a design is rather colourful, even loud and ambiguous. The modern interior design uk reflects the character, purpose and lifestyle.

modern living room uk

If you want really free space in the living room for yourself and your family, and not for self-expression, a light palette without variation is the perfect solution.