What is modern luxury bedroom interior design?

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Luxury Bedroom design

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When decorating a modern luxury bedroom interior design, it is important to make a bedroom beautiful, stylish, and comfortable to be pleasant and comfortable to relax in it. If you make mistakes, then the interior may look great in the photo, but being in it will only cause discomfort. There are no trifles in the design of the bedroom in the apartment and cottage. Everything in the room in question should be in harmony and create an atmosphere of comfort.

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Features of bedroom design

Every evening we come to the bedroom, and every morning then we wake up in it. Therefore, everything in this room should create a mood for peace and relaxation. Moreover, if its design made visually uncomfortable, screaming or vice versa grey dreary, this will only cause rejection and an uncomfortable state. And then – a bad mood for the whole day, as well as an unwillingness to return home.

When preparing a bedroom design project, you have to consider:

  • the size and shape of the room;
  • dimensions and location of the window;
  • the area of the interior door;
  • the possibility of redeveloping the premises with the transferor demolition of partitions;
  • personal preferences of the owners of the house in terms of style and colour of interior decoration.
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In some cases, it will be preferable to place the bed in the middle, while in others, it will have to be moved to a core bedroom’s interior near. The situation is similar to the closet. In some bedrooms, it is possible to equip a full-fledged dressing room, while in others there is only space for a narrow wardrobe. It is quite simple to develop this bathroom design; three or four square meters of the area will not allow you to create elegant design ideas anyway. With a bedroom in an apartment or a private house, everything is somewhat more complicated.

The most popular interior trends in 2021

When choosing a stylistic direction for decorating a bedroom’s interior, it is important not to forget that the room is intended primarily for relaxation and sleep. Aggressive and overly bright or contrasting styles, such as avant-garde and pop art, will not be appropriate here. It is better to choose more flexible design options.

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It recommended to choose one of the following styles for the bedroom:

“Provence, Classic, Japanese, Scandinavian, Minimalism, Loft”

Any of these options can be called modern and relevant. Fashion is changeable, but the designated styles are always in trend. At the same time, simple minimalism is most suitable for a small bedroom, and a spacious room, it is better to choose a luxurious classic or loft.

Provence style design

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The Provencal style harmoniously combines grace and rustic simplicity and the luxury of the design concept and decor’s modesty. This is ideal for a bedroom, but only if it is spacious. It will be very problematic to implement such an interior design on four or five squares.


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The classics are characterised by massive furniture, several light sources, stucco mouldings, pastel colours in the decor, paintings on the walls and an abundance of textiles. All accessories in such a bedroom are only exclusive, and the finishing materials are only natural. And nothing artificial.

Japanese Bedroom

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If ostentatious luxury is not to your liking and you want something light, you should take a closer look at the Japanese style. It is distinguished by natural bamboo and rattan finishes, low furniture, subdued lighting and effortless laconic design.

Scandinavian Bedroom

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In the ascetic Scandinavian bedroom style, functionality and naturalness are at the forefront. In the photo, such a bedroom interior looks simple and even nondescript, but it is the most comfortable, practical and beautiful in reality.

Minimalist Bedroom 

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Unobtrusive and purely utilitarian minimalism will appeal to connoisseurs of tranquillity, simplicity and severity. A bedroom decorated in this style is a corner where you can hide from the metropolis’s rapid rhythm for a while and lie down for a good rest.

Loft Bedroom

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The loft bedroom is original, modern and has no strict restrictions. The main thing in it is laconicism, industrial design elements, space functionality, and a minimum of unnecessary decorative finishes. If the apartment is in a brick building, then this option is just perfect. Brick walls don’t even have to be covered with any décor.

Colour solutions

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When choosing a colour for the bedroom interior, it is recommended to focus on calm shades. It would be best if you also avoided sharp contrasts and overly bright accents. If something in the bedroom design strains the eye, then it is better to refuse it. In general, contrasting combination-colours juicy colours in its decoration are acceptable, but you need to know when to stop everything.

White Bedroom

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At first glance, white seems familiar and unnecessarily sterile. However, painters with designers distinguish about 30-40 different shades of it. Plus, this colour does not compress the space, is suitable for any style and goes well with other colours.

Grey Bedroom

grey bedroom

A bedroom in grey is always elegant, sophisticated and at the same time unobtrusive and strict design. In combination with gloss, this shade visually expands the walls and makes the room more spacious, and when the tone is shifted to rich black, it perfectly masks the imperfections of a wide variety of surfaces.

Beige Bedroom

light beige

Beige is laconic, soft, elegant and, unlike white, is not so faceless. It is a versatile solution suitable for any style and interior. At the same time, beige looks most harmonious in combination with green, blue and brown. Bedrooms in a similar design look especially cosy and warm.

Blue Bedroom

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The design in blue is distinguished by harmony, spaciousness, tenderness and sensuality. Its soft blue hue is associated with carelessness and relaxation by the sea—however, the dark blue version for many causes is the only concern. You need to work very carefully with this colour scheme.

Green Bedroom

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At the mention of green, associations with summer, laziness and carelessness come to mind. The greenish and emerald tones design positively affects the psyche, and the bedrooms decorated in them envelop with an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity. Just do not choose overly saturated “poisonous” shades of green for decoration; they can only evoke gloomy associations.