Living and dining room together small spaces

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dining & living room in small space

Making two rooms share the same space is not enough, it is necessary to achieve success in this coexistence; especially when the dimensions that exist are small, because an error could be fatal, either by piling up everything and preventing a proper movement around or by having too many decorative items that, far from generating a beautiful atmosphere, achieve an overwhelming environment for the gaze.

14 Rooms with living room UK and dining room together small spaces

modern living room uk

To reduce this risk, we have decided to bring together 14 rooms with living room uk and dining room together small spaces that make us forget that they are located in a small space since they lie there successfully.

Let’s take a look at how they did it!

1. Game of colours in the living room uk and dining room

game of colours

There is no minimum barrier between the living room uk and dining room of this house, so the game of colours became fundamental since the red of the room highlights several rooms in the place, which are not the same, but who enjoy sharing the area.

2. Following a line

round dining table uk

In long but narrow spaces like this one, it is better to place the living room uk and dining room without any division; otherwise, it would be darkening the place at the back and even hiding what is placed there.

3. Divide respecting a path

contemporary round dining table uk

This living-dining room knows very well that if you cannot walk freely, you are not succeeding when joining these two rooms, so the idea is that there is a path where you can walk comfortably between the furniture of one and the other.

4. Colours that connect

turquoise dining room

With a beautiful turquoise blue, the living room uk and dining room of this home coexist with each other and are shown as a whole, even though they do not have the same tones in their furniture, because they have the same colour specific details.

5. Lines and curves

wooden dining table

The best way they considered this living room uk and dining room to coexist wonderfully was to mix straight lines and curves. The rectilinear is in the grey and brown living room uk, while the circular is present in the mahogany dining room.

6. Each one in her corner

small living and dining room design

This living room uk and dining room lie is a square of just dimensions to house two rooms. However,  in this house, a majestic job was done; the key was to place the furniture in each room in found corners.

7. And when there is no dining room?

kitchen chair uk

When the house is tiny, there is space for the living room uk but sometimes no longer for the dining room. For situations like this, a corner room that does not exceed two square meters can be combined with a breakfast bar; just like this eighth point.

8. Let the floor be the key

living and dining room together

You can go without problems from the living room uk to the dining room in this house; however, you do not see a mixture without reason thanks to the floor that varies from one place to another.

9. Efficiency first

small space

There is no, but for the coexistence between this living room uk and dining room, because the place where they are located is not huge, however, they leave a lot of free space because all the furniture is simple and functional.

10. One behind the other

modern living and dining room

The effective accommodation in a home culture that has a small size is that one room enters after another, in fact, if just behind there is another room, such as the kitchen, the coexistence can be prolonged.

11. One colour, different shades

modern dining room

Ocher colour is the point of union between this living room uk and dining room. The different tones only make the environment more dynamic. Wouldn’t you do the same at home?

12. Comfort more comfort

white dining room chairs

Here the aspect that makes the small living room uk and the narrow dining room look great together in their seats’ comfort. Frankly, the upholstery is a guarantee of comfort.

13. Similarity in the tables

modern curtains uk

Even the smallest living room uk and dining room need a table, why not make them similar so that the coexistence of the two rooms is justified?

14. Everything in the same atmosphere

contemporary living room

To culminate with the 14 ways to combine the living room uk and dining room, we have to look at this example. The efforts are focused on generating a cosy atmosphere for the two rooms.

The point is that there are no separations, only in this way the narrow place where they are located will not be reduced even more.