How to choose a dining table in the kitchen?

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The dining table is a special piece of furniture that the whole family gathers to eat, take a break from business, exchange news and spend time together. And we also invite guests to the dining table for friendly gatherings or a dinner party. That is why this place should exude coziness, warmth and harmony. Of course, the dining table should be practical and comfortable.

But how to choose such a contemporary table? How to calculate the dimensions accurately? What’s the best material? What else is important to consider?

We will tell you about everything in our article.

What should be the dining table?

wood dining table

The first and most important selection criterion is size. It depends on the size of the kitchen itself. But it is not enough to successfully fit it into space. It is important that all family members sit freely behind it and do not interfere with each other. Therefore, start from this formula: the number of family members plus two people. After all, guests also need to be taken care of. At the same time, there should be a little space between those sitting next to them so that they do not touch each other with their elbows.

If we consider the standard version, this is a rectangular dining table 100–120 cm long, 80–85 cm wide and 70–75 cm high. Four people can sit at such a dining table at the same time. A round table for the same number of people should have a diameter of at least 110 cm. Please note that the chairs should slide out freely without touching objects standing nearby in any case.

What is the best dining table shape?

round dining table
rectangle dining table
small space

Here everything also depends on the area of ​​the premises and the size of the family. A square dining table is a great option for a modest kitchen and a small family. At normal times, you can push it into a corner and sit on the free sides. If guests come, move him away from the wall and put in a couple more chairs.

A little more people will fit at the round dining table. It does not have sharp corners that are dangerous for small children. And in general, the interior looks more interesting with it. However, a round dining table cannot be pushed into a corner, so it will not work for a small kitchen.

The rectangular dining table is designed for a relatively spacious kitchen. You can put it against a wall or window, saving space. If necessary, you can move it. For the largest kitchens, an oval dining table is ideal. It looks best in the middle – smooth lines make the space streamlined and cozy.

How many legs should the dining table have?

square dining table

The question is not as idle as it might seem. If you overlook it, you will have to endure inconvenience. Today, dining table models with one centre leg on a wide base are trendy. They allow you to settle down rather compactly and not disturb your neighbours. The dining tables with two legs on the sides also allow you to sit comfortably, but not for those on the sides. If there are too many guests, someone will have to rest their knees on the support. 

The dining table can also have three legs, which is typical for a round tabletop. You get more freedom of manoeuvre when seating and you feel comfortable. However, such a model will hardly fit in a small kitchen.

Finally, the traditional combination is a dining table of any shape with four legs. A proven solution for those who do not want to experiment and are faithful to the classics, regardless of any fashion trends.

The motion of the dining table

contemporary kitchen

If the footage of the kitchen does not allow you to turn around at all, in no case should you save space at the expense of a small dining table? Apart from the plates, you can hardly put anything on it, and it will be uncomfortable to sit around.

A folding dining table will help to deal with the problem. The best option is a three-section model, the central part of which is stationary, and the side ones are lowered. Be sure to check the quality and strength of the sliding mechanism and frame. The legs must be strong and stable to support the additional load. By the way, there are sliding tables that are screwed to the wall or windowsill. If necessary, raise the tabletop horizontally and extend the props. For a tiny kitchen, you can’t imagine better.

small table

Another practical solution is a sliding table. Outwardly, it looks like an ordinary one. Still, if necessary, the tabletop sections slide out in different directions, allowing you to increase the usable area and accommodate much more people.

In the photo of dining tables for a small kitchen, you can often see a miracle of engineering – transforming tables. The main functional advantage is that the table can be extended in length, width and height at the same time. The sliding mechanism is easy to use – even one person can easily handle it. However, this table has several disadvantages. It is too cumbersome, so moving it to another place is problematic. Also, such an acquisition will cost a lot.

The dining table from shavings to stone

wooden dining table

When deciding which dining table to choose for the kitchen, decide in advance on the material. Let’s consider the most popular options. The most budgetary is laminated chipboard. The surface of such a table imitates different textures, but it costs the cheapest. However, its service life will be fleeting.

Veneered MDF – much more durable. According to its performance characteristics, it comes close to the tree. If you take care of it according to all the rules and protect it from high temperatures, grease and dirt, it will stand in its place for decades.

The wood dining table is recognized as one of the most durable, environmentally friendly and durable. The variety of colors and textures pleases the eye. The choice of design solutions is endless. Such a table will organically fit into any interior, where there are already wooden elements.

A rather interesting modern solution is a glass table. As a rule, it is made of hardened triplex, which can withstand powerful shocks. And even if a splinter flies off the tabletop, it will be impossible to cut yourself. Glass can be glossy or matte, transparent or colored, with a pattern or photo printing.

A dining table made of natural or artificial stone is a status thing. Therefore, it is incredibly durable, strong and expensive. It is distinguished not only by its luxurious design but also by its heavyweight. This must be taken into account when choosing a floor covering.

It’s okay with a sense of style the dining table.

natural dining table

How to choose the dining table for the kitchen to fit it exactly into the interior? If you are doing renovations, buy the dining table and chairs at the very end, when the whole concept is complete. If you decide only to change the dining table, here are some guidelines for choosing a colour.

For a classic interior, a dining table in light colours made of wood or chipboard is most suitable. It will add light, lightness and grace to space. Remember to keep it clean all the time; otherwise, the effect will be just the opposite.

Tables in all shades of brown or beige made of natural wood are a versatile option for a kitchen in any style, from classic to loft. The only exception is hi-tech. You can leave the table in its original form or varnish it.

A dark brown dining table is also a versatile option. He looks solid, with a slight touch of extravagance. Especially if the surface is glossy, the material here can be anything. Such a table will organically complement any design idea.

If you need a powerful, expressive accent, look for a table with a pattern or photo print. But keep in mind, it is only suitable for modern trends. In a classic interior, such a thing will look out of place. Also, the rest of the space should not be overloaded with bright accents.

Here are the most important criteria to consider when choosing the dining table for your kitchen.

dark brown dining table

Photos with the most popular models and design ideas from our article will help you better understand how it should be. The final decision is yours.

Think it might be time to bring the changes you’ve dreamed of in your kitchen.