How To Choose Fabric For Your Modern Sofa UK

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The right upholstery fabric for your modern sofa UK

When buying a modern sofa UK, buyers mainly pay attention to its shape, size, transformation mechanism. All these parameters are critical, but the fabric chosen for the upholstery is no less important. It sets the colour and style of the model and largely determines its durability as a whole and the ease of caring for it.

Features of popular upholstery fabrics

Upholstery options – a great variety. But factories most often use one of the fabrics listed below.

Matting. A material that has long been popular. Its reasonable cost and an extensive palette of colours allow you to choose sofas upholstered with it, both for the modern living room uk and for the modern bedroom uk. Both dry and wet cleaning is suitable formatting.

Chenille. Soft and pleasant fabric that is very similar to velour. Simultaneously, chenille does not absorb odours and does not fade under the influence of sunlight.

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Velours. The upholstery made of this material looks simply gorgeous, and the tactile sensations from touching the floor are enjoyable. Contamination is removed with a gentle, preferably dry, cleaning.

Jacquard (its variety is Scotchguard). A fabric that is classified as expensive but looks appropriate. Retains its appearance for a long time (if you exclude exposure to direct sunlight). It is worth knowing that the surface of the jacquard is very smooth. And if you use a sofa with such an upholstery for sleeping, you may encounter slipping off the bed linen.

Microfiber. Affordable and very easy to clean material that looks like suede. Microfiber retains its original appearance for a long time, does not cause allergies. It is effortless to clean.

Flock. Attractive and inexpensive material, durable, does not fade. Useful for those with pets.

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What questions should you answer before buying a sofa?

Modern sofas uk are very diverse; therefore, when choosing a model, first give answers to such questions:

In which room will there be a sofa (bedroom uk, living room uk, hall)?

In what style is this room sustained (modern, hi-tech, contemporary, eco)?

Are there small children and animals in the house?

This is a minimum of information, based on which you can draw an approximate “image” of the future acquisition.

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For example, it is obvious that in a modern and slightly ascetic living room UK, for which a high-tech style is chosen, a model upholstered in leather is suitable. And a product with velour upholstery will be completely superfluous. But in the same living room, designed in the Art Nouveau style, a three-seater sofa with jacquard upholstery would be appropriate.

If the product is planned to be placed in the bedroom, and even not to use it as a permanent bed, you can prefer rather expensive fabrics like jacquard or Scotchguard.

When choosing a “lovely seat” for a hall or kitchen, you should pay attention to two-seater sofas upholstered with microfiber, easy to clean (which is important – it can be washed).

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But for a children’s room, where there is a high probability of the appearance of a wide variety of contaminants, it is best to choose fabrics characterised by water resistance and resistance to stains: chenille, flock, microfiber.

If there are pets in the house, pay attention to the fabrics, which will be unattractive from the pet’s perspective. This is flock, velour. It’s not so easy to sharpen your claws about them.

Another important point in choosing the right upholstery is the opportunity to consult with consultants who will put together the client’s wishes and choose the best option.