How To Choose Beautiful Chair For The Living Room?

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January 24, 2021
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Choosing beautiful and comfortable chairs for the living room

chair for the living room

Chair for the living room its piece of furniture is chosen not only the most comfortable but also the most beautiful. This applies to both upholstered furniture – sofas, armchairs, and cabinets. Chairs for the living room are also chosen with the aesthetic factor in mind.

How to choose chairs for the living room depends on the room’s style, colour scheme, and personal preferences.

Types of structures chair for the living room

chairs for the living room

The chair is a relatively simple design, which can take many different shapes, especially if it’s designer chairs for the living room. Moreover, the device of the object is equally influenced by both user parameters and purely aesthetic ones.

By design, the following types of products are distinguished:

  • One-piece chairs for the hall – the frame elements for such an object are adjusted and assembled, the possibility of disassembly is not provided. Such a product is characterised by maximum durability and reliability.
  • Folding chairs for the living room are often used in small rooms where a large dining table and chairs have to be removed. With a relative simplicity of form, these pieces of furniture can be quite decorative.
  • Collapsible – kitchen sets for the kitchen or living room often include such designs. The product is assembled with screws and brackets. It can be disassembled and reassembled if necessary.
  • Stackable – most often, these are plastic products of various modifications. During transportation, they fold into each other. They are also used in the living room in modern styles, such as decorating a room in a Scandinavian style.
contemporary chair uk

Shapes of living room chairs

With a different design, the configuration of products can also be different. This affects both the usability and the visual appeal of living room furniture.

luxurious chair
velvet pink chair
accent chair uk

The division is rather arbitrary and concerns the shape of several or all parts of the chair precisely:

  • Classic – with straight legs, soft or hard seat and hardback. Back shape is also considered a significant factor in classification. For example, chairs with a curved and semicircular back are called Viennese and are not used to furnish an English living room.
  • Chairs for the living room with upholstered backs are considered as a separate category. The appearance of such a product is determined by both the shape and the nature of the upholstery.
  • Armchairs for the living room have a reclining soft back and a soft seat. Often, the details visually form one whole. Sometimes models are equipped with armrests.
  • A throne is a kind of chair for the living room, but with a very high back, as a rule, completely covering the seated person and always with armrests. The design of such a model is striking in luxury and pretentiousness.
  • Modern chairs for the living room – more than a conventional name refers to unusual designs. For example, these are models popular today from a frame with legs and a semicircular plastic base, which serves as a seat and partly aback. This also includes cantilever chairs on a flexible frame and wicker rattan chairs.

Differences by type of sitting

The seat is an essential piece of furniture as it determines the chair’s comfort by at least 50%.

rectangle dining table
yellow accent chair
small space

Chairs for the kitchen and living room can have seats of different degrees of hardness:

  • Hard chair – the seat is made of wood or rattan, like the whole frame or, for example, made of plastic. This option does not provide any upholstery. However, the model can be very comfortable and comfortable if you choose the right seat for size and depth. Especially important for chairs with armrests for the living room.
  • Semi-soft models are upholstered. In this case, the flooring size is small – no more than 2–4 cm, the spring block is not installed. Such a seat cannot yet be called soft. However, it is more comfortable and comfortable than solid, since the fabric finish is warmer and more pleasant to the touch than wood, and even more so metal.
  • Soft chairs for the living room are most suitable for their purpose – to create comfort. The flooring’s height on the seat reaches 5–8 cm; a spring block is installed. A chair with a soft centre is as comfortable as a chair. As a rule, these models are equipped with softbacks and armrests.
velvet armchair uk

The soft seat’s shape can vary greatly: the chair is still comfortable due to the flooring’s thickness. In designer chairs, the seat often takes on the configuration of a heart, a circle, even a human palm.

Best materials chairs for the living room

If earlier chairs and stools were made of only one material – wood, the choice has become much greater today.

fabric chair
  • Wooden chairs for the living room are almost an elite model. Oak, walnut, ash, and beech are used to produce classical styles – Empire, Baroque, Renaissance, where wood is decorated with carvings, and the legs and backs are given a fancy shape. Pine, spruce and larch are more readily used for more budget options, where reliability and simplicity are needed, rather than sophistication.
  • Rattan, as well as willow, are used in the manufacture of wicker furniture. This is an exciting and enjoyable option to use. Previously, rattan was usually used for garden furniture, but today rattan products have become much more popular in the home than in the country.
  • Particleboard and MDF are used less often since the chair does not require so much wood to replace it with wood materials to reduce the cost. As a rule, this material is used for children’s furniture.
  • Metal-forged products are remarkable for their beauty, but they are rare due to their high cost and massiveness. Lighter aluminium models are often used in modern styles such as techno, loft.
  •  Plastic allows you to realise any, the most incredible shape of the product, but at the same time, it remains quite light. Transparent plastic is especially effective.
upholstery chair uk

For soft and semi-soft chairs, the upholstery material is also essential. 

  • Leather – gives the products a real chic. Genuine leather is exceptionally durable and very beautiful.
  • Leather substitute – sometimes it perfectly imitates the real one and is in no way inferior to it in terms of aesthetic qualities. However, this option is less durable.
  • Fabric – the choice, in this case, is huge. The most popular are the following:
    • Velour and velvet are fluffy, soft fabrics that retain warmth and are very pleasant to the touch. However, this finish is not too load-bearing, and the chairs have to be pulled over.
    • Tapestry fabric – extremely durable and very diverse in decor.
    • Silk – ideal for a “summer” living room, very durable and refined, but not resistant to mechanical damage.
    • Matting – this material is used for an eco-style product.
    • Satin and chintz – readily used for finishing Provence style products.

The material of both the chair itself and the upholstery is also selected, taking into account the style. You cannot install plastic armchairs in a luxurious Empire-style living room, and a wooden throne with gilded carvings and leather upholstery in a cozy Provence – style room.

Stylistic focus

modern contemporary living room

Beautiful chairs for the living room should fully match the style of the room.

Otherwise, the most elegant design will not save the day.

  • Classic chairs for the living room are models made of expensive wood types, such as beech, oak, ash, leather, or jacquard upholstery. They are decorated with carvings, but relatively modest. Here the emphasis is on the high quality of the material, not on the design. In the classic style, chairs for living rooms are not painted, only matt lacquer is used.
  • In the Baroque and Empire style, preference is given to rich ornaments. Enormous carvings, gilded details, bizarre legs, velvet or silk upholstery in the brightest colours are all signs of style. For the most ceremonial rooms, armchairs with high backs, like a royal throne, are suitable.
  • In rustic styles, the chair’s shape is simpler, although curved legs and backs are welcome. The most popular option is white living room chairs, both solid and floral upholstery.
comfy living room

A handy option for chairs in the Provence or Mediterranean style – forged products with soft upholstery. However, this option requires a spacious living room with appropriate flooring.

  • Stylish chairs for the living room in Scandinavian style are simple wooden stools, white chairs with soft backs, and transparent plastic seats with legs. It all depends on the specific design.
  • For a minimalist living room, seating can be tricky. These can be semi-chairs of the strictest form, or maybe a metal structure with a transparent seat.
  • Modern high-tech living room chairs are plastic products, as the latter can take on unusual rounded shapes. Also, the combination of metal and transparent, glossy plastic is most consistent with the concept.
  • In the loft-style, a variety of options are allowed, up to products assembled from untreated wood.

Criteria for choosing the right chairs in the living room

modern living room

The “right” chair is beautiful, comfortable and durable.

To find such a better solution, you need to know how to choose chairs for the living room.

  1. First of all, they need a stylistic solution. If the most comfortable chair in the world does not correspond to the concept, alas, such a solution cannot be called successful. Therefore, first, products are selected in the required style.
  2. Then the colour scheme is selected. Both the shade of the frame material and the colour of the upholstery are taken into account. The principle again depends on the style of the hall. For a classic or rustic style, the upholstery and frame colour is matched to a similar shade. In techno or high-tech, a designer chair’s choice for the living room is allowed based on contrast.
  3. The use of a chair should not cause discomfort. This can only be determined empirically. A creak or structural instability when seated is a sign of a poor-quality living room chair.
  4. It is also worth paying attention to the condition of the finish and frame: the material should not be scratched, abraded, or stained.
  5. For the home, chairs are selected, taking into account ergonomics. The height should provide a comfortable seat at the dining table. The width of the seat should be sufficient for the fullest member of the family to sit comfortably. The same goes for the backrest. A straight reclining back allows you to maintain your posture, but it is more comfortable to rest on a chair-chair. The armrests remove some of the load from the spine, but at the same time make the model much more massive.
  6. Chair dimensions are also critical. In a small living room, large, heavy chairs will be out of place. In a spacious room, on the contrary, too light compact models look a little strange.
  7. When choosing, preference is given to materials that are not prone to accumulation of dirt and are easy to clean. However, this parameter for the living room is considered not the most significant, since here the appearance is more important than ease of use.

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