What Is Scandinavian Style And Idea To Implementation?

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Living room UK and hall in a Scandinavian style

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The Scandinavian style creates to make a person at home light, warm and comfortable. Comfort and a feeling of happiness are additional bonuses for those who choose such a Scandinavian design style for their home. The designers even single out hygge in a separate direction – an interior for a happy life. This is what a simple, bright and spacious living room UK looks like in a Scandinavian style.

For Scandinavian style, a hall is where both one and a large family should be comfortable. Therefore, there should be a lot of free space and at the same time, cosy details for everyone.

Features of the Scandinavian style

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The first thing that catches your eye is the white colour of literally all rooms decorated in Scandinavian style. The living room’s Scandinavian interior design is painted in the shade of snow. It is also white that contributes to spaces visual expansion; therefore, it remains the most relevant for small rooms’ design.

There are other features that, in general combination, form the Scandinavian style:

There can be no synthetics in this direction:
All ideas are embodied only with natural materials. Accordingly, the decoration in such a living room UK will be natural – to create a favourable climate. The most demanded is solid wood, which retains heat better than other surfaces.

All lovers of bizarre natural forms will like this design:
 Along with simple modern furniture in the Scandinavian living room furniture, you can see an ordinary stump instead of a stool or pouffe.

The requirement for a warm interior is realised with the help of a large number of textiles. These are not only blankets, bedspreads, but also napkins, tablecloths, carpets.

There will never be dark and dense Scandinavian style curtains:
They do not hide the slightest rays of the sun or white trim, which is designed to preserve maximum light.

The Scandinavian interior design necessarily includes a lot of storage spaces – both hidden and open:
In the living room UK, the open shelves become the Scandinavian decor
because there should be no unnecessary things in the composition, things, and household items pleasant to the heart are the best decoration.

Scandinavian style living room colour

scandinavian interior design

It won’t take long to talk about the palette in the Scandinavian style interior design composition – white dominates here, complemented by the natural grain of wood and halftones. Such a room can be monochrome or rather colourful if we consider all the nuances – blankets, books, personal belongings.

The details look great on a snow-white background:

The Scandinavian style in the living room UK interior is not complete without grey notes.
It can be a sofa, carpet, knitted ottoman, hand-knitted blanket. Such halftones do not take away free space; they play shadows, so they look natural.

More relevant for such a setting, to rich dark
As a rule, solid wood is used in flooring and furniture. Natural wood varieties have recently been replaced with their affordable substitutes – laminate, chipboard, fiberboard, MDF, and the difference is not visible at first glance. But they will not influence the indoor climate as much as natural wood does.

Present in a spacious living room UK
Of course, it is often painted white, but it has the right to become one of the accents in the composition.

Other shades can be present in different details, but usually, these are nuances- the colour of the pattern in carpets and tracks, book covers on an open shelf, a pattern on blankets or in a painting on the wall.

Scandinavian home accessories for the living room UK in a Scandinavian style

scandinavian style curtains

When choosing Scandinavian home accessories for finishing both a typical apartment and a living room in particular, and a country cottage, you should not look for special coatings – in the Scandinavian style everything is ingenious and simple. Most importantly, – natural. It does not matter whether you are looking for solutions for a small room or a spacious hall combined with a kitchen or bedroom.

The design of a living room in a Scandinavian style requires compliance with simple rules in the design and decoration of surfaces:

Wooden flooring is a natural and most favourable solution for a warm and cosy climate.
Most often, it is a board, parquet, less often – a laminate. Ceramic tiles are also applicable, but they require heating, and visually do not add heat. Usually, the coating colour is kept natural, but the wood can also be painted white or light grey.

The walls in such a living room are most often painted or plastered, less often they choose wallpaper, which in the Scandinavian style should also be white.
Let’s admit an insignificant drawing, for example, a grey shade. The textured pattern will have the same effect since a slight shadow will appear from it as if someone had painted the grey relief.

It is better to make the ceiling stretch – it is easier and more practical than other coatings.
Even a small Scandinavian style living room with an entirely white matte or glossy canvas will seem lighter and more extensive. Multi-level structures, which are equipped with such material quickly and efficiently, are used in rooms of different sizes, especially if necessary to increase the room’s height, zone it visually, and focus on the main details.

dining & living room in small space

In the presence of additional functional areas, as well as in the living room UK with a fireplace, you should pay attention to such nuances as:

The need for zoning.
The standard technique of dividing zones with finishing materials is not always appropriate in this case. A podium can be called more suitable – the dining room will then be on a dais and the living room below. If the room is combined with the bedroom, then a place for sleeping and relaxing at night can be removed on the podium, but also, you should choose other techniques. Multilevel ceilings are used with the same effect, but they are less noticeable, which seems much more comfortable.

In the living room in the Scandinavian style, a hearth with live fire is often used; it is also necessary to work on its lining.
Simple solutions are not acceptable here – paint and even more so wood, therefore, you can protect the finish from overheating with ceramic tiles, refractory bricks or stone. All this can be white or coloured.

Windows in Scandinavian style are never covered with thick curtains, so it is necessary to find comfortable solutions.
Usually, these are rolled canvases, which rise during the day and lower in the evening to hide the interior from all prying eyes. It is normal to leave the openings open in the daytime because such a room needs a lot of light

This is how a simple and functional, and most importantly, a calm and free interior develops, in which a person should feel good.