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February 4, 2021

There is a great alternative- ivory color shade for those who consider white to be banal in interior design. What is this color, and how to use it in the interior? We will talk below.

Ivory color: what it looks like and what is it called

Ivory is a warm shade of light beige with a pronounced yellowish undertone. A very soft pastel shade ranges from an almost white pale cream to a more intense cappuccino color. It has many other names: ecru, ivory, champagne, cream, baked milk, vanilla, etc. The Pantone Color Institute’s palette corresponds to Pearled Ivory, Ivory Cream, Ecru, Vanilla Custard, and others.

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Ivory in the interior: the best color combinations

Ecru color is basic and close to white in its properties, which means that it looks equally good in a pair with almost any shade. What is the best way to combine ivory in interior design?

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Brown and other beige shades. The cream is part of the beige and brown palette, so it goes well with other colors. Give preference to the same warm tones – coffee, chocolate, wood shades. This is ideal for a trendy monochrome interior: in such a range, it will turn out to be incredibly cozy.

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Powdery. A gentle, soothing union perfect for areas where you usually relax – living room, bedroom or bathroom. It will make a small space lighter and more visually, and give a large one airiness and lightness. This design will harmoniously complete the light wood furniture.

A soft, romantic combination of powdery pink and ivory is an excellent solution for a child girl: it is appropriate both in a toddler’s room and in a teenager’s bedroom.

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Gray, the warm shade of ivory, makes gray less austere and cold: the design in these tones will definitely not look boring and overly “sterile”. This combination is ideal for discreet interiors in minimalism, loft or Scandinavian style.

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Cold pastels. Mint, blue, lavender, olive – together with pastel beige, these tones create a light, refreshing interior, which is comfortable to be in all day. In this range, you can decorate a room of almost any style – from traditional classics and modern.

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Black. In the interior, black often looks rough and heavy: combine it with ivory to soften this effect. For maximum effect, use a delicate shade in the same pleasant. Juicy colors. Bright scarlet, daring orange, rich wine – all these tones are perfectly revealed against a calm light beige background.
With the help of a rich palette, you can add more creativity to the design and make a neutral interior in a creamy range more colorful and original: textures – warm textiles, soft carpets and furniture upholstery. Black paired with cream are well suited for “brutal” premises: an office, a bedroom and a bathroom of a man or a room of a teenage boy, as well as for a loft-style.

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The whole palette is yellow. The color of champagne is as close to yellow as to brown because it contains its subtone in its composition. Therefore, ecru goes well with any color from this range – from pastel lemon to ocher and mustard. Such a shades union will help you create a light, cheerful interior that seems to be filled with sunlight.

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Juicy colors. Bright scarlet, daring orange, rich wine – all these tones are perfectly revealed against a calm light beige background. You can add more creativity to the design with a rich palette and make a neutral interior in a creamy range more colorful and original.

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Deep colors, sapphire, emerald, violet, oceanic turquoise in the premises’ decoration may seem too dark and too dramatic. The ivory shade will add warmth to them, making the design more friendly and welcoming, and space itself visually spacious and lighter.

Ivory color in various interior elements and styles

Like white, ecru is versatile: it can be used in any interior style – from classic to trendy loft. In what elements should you use it in your design?

Ivory color walls

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Ivory is the perfect neutral base for both discreet and daring interior solutions:

  • Cream walls look great with stucco and mouldings in a classic style, decorated with paintings in massive frames and sconces with crystal suspensions.
  • In the Provence style, both champagne-coloured wall paint and wallpaper with a print look great – in the latter case, choose floral and floral motifs.
  • In the Art Deco style, decorate such walls with gilded decor and lamps – yellow metal favourably sets off warm pastel beige.
  • In the mid-century style, cream paint will be an excellent backdrop for bright furniture of laconic forms, characteristic of such a design.
  • Ivory walls in a romantic style will support other pastel shades – powdery, blue, mint – in furniture and textiles.
  • For a boho design, darker shades are suitable, close to the coffee color with milk – decorate such walls with garlands and wicker decor and complement the room with ethnic print rugs.
  • For minimalism, calm cream is the best choice – stop at the lightest options, pick up laconic geometric furniture and decorate the walls with simple posters.
  • In a loft, combine ecru walls with natural brickwork, dark wood, concrete elements and details in black or graphite gray.
  • In the Scandinavian style, a uniform coating of light beige paint looks good, surrounded by white and gray furniture, and also in combination with a floor made of light natural wood.
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Ivory is great for decorating walls in rooms with windows to rooms where there is little natural light: thanks to the warm undertone, it creates sun glare in the interior.

Cream Upholstered Furniture

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An ivory sofa is suitable for a living room of any style – it is only important to choose the appropriate upholstery material. For minimalism and Scandinavian, laconic models made of fabric that resembles linen are suitable. In classic style and art deco, quilted options from velvet and velour look beneficial. Cream leather sofas will complement the loft.

A similar rule works with light beige chairs: the same materials work for the same styles. Another note – options with wooden legs are more appropriate in Scandinavian and modern styles and boho and mid-century.

An ecru pouffe is a universal solution for your design: it will suit absolutely all interiors and rooms for any purpose – from the hallway to the lounge area on the balcony. Round knitted texture models deserve special attention: they look incredibly cozy and very convenient to use.

Light beige bed

light beige bed

The same soft textures are suitable for a soft pastel shade: when choosing a light beige or an ivory-colored bed, they prefer models with a headboard covered with fabric – smooth or velvet. The former is more appropriate in modern styles, focusing on environmental friendliness – Scandinavian, minimalism.

The latter looks better in traditional interiors (especially if the headboard is quilted). In any case, it is worth complementing the cream bed with bedding made of light natural materials – linen and cotton: such a union looks as harmonious as possible.

Ecru chairs

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The ideal solution for any style – chairs with ivory upholstery with wooden legs. Models with light wood elements (bar and standard dining rooms) will complement Scandinavian interiors, minimalism and mid-century. More massive options with dark wood legs and back are good for modern. And for a loft, stools with metal legs are perfect.

Cream storage furniture

ivory color bedside table

When choosing ivory- colored wardrobes, dressers and bedside tables, pay special attention to their facades’ design. Smooth surfaces with hidden handles look more harmonious in modern minimalist styles. Options with glass or mirror inserts and spectacular metal handles are more suitable for traditional design –  art decor.

Light storage furniture with glossy fronts is more practical than matte ones: fingerprints are practically invisible. Another advantage is that the reflection of light on a shiny surface visually enlarges the space.

Ivory in textiles

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Textiles in a cream shade are the easiest way to add home warmth and comfort to a room, regardless of its design. Fluffy carpets with an unobtrusive geometric print will complement the living room or bedroom in a Scandinavian style. Light beige pillows will decorate the sofa in minimalism. Long, flowing curtains in ivory color complete a luxury design.

Bed linen made of natural linen in its natural shade will perfectly fit into a modern bedroom. And soft knitted blankets in vanilla color are suitable for all styles – from gentle romance to a strict loft.

Ivory color in living room

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Living room in the ivory shade is perfect for those who want to relax at home from the visual noise surrounding them during a long day. This color is absolutely neutral and calm – it does not “press” or distracts. It will also become a great backdrop for unusual decor items, which is important for art lovers who are not going to hide their collection. This also works with furniture: your bright armchair will sparkle in a new way if you put a cream sofa next to it.

Ivory color in Bedroom

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Ivory shade in the bedroom is the best solution for insomnia: the soothing effect of this discreet color will positively affect your relaxation. For maximum relaxation, add light-colored bedding, soft plain textiles and cozy details – living greenery, garlands with diffused light, and scented candles with a soothing scent (such as lavender or mint).

As neutral as white and as delicate as powdery – ivory color will become universal, but the not boring solution for your interior design.

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