Fashion trends of furniture for interior design uk in 2021

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January 11, 2021
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Before updating the interior design uk, you should familiarise yourself with the fashion trends of furniture in 2021. Also, you need to heed experts’ advice that will help you not make a mistake when choosing.

Furniture trends in 2021

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Fashionable furniture this season is made using wood and natural veneer. This rule applies to furniture sets. Particular emphasis is placed on the natural wood pattern; even minor flaws are permissible.

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When choosing sofas, armchairs and chairs, delights are not needed, but the fittings must be of high quality. Now velour, suede, velvet trims, as well as eco-leather are in fashion.

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Furniture of 2021 is made of glass and transparent plastic, which are also popular – this has remained unchanged since last season. These materials are distinguished by visual lightness and transparency, so there is no feeling of cluttering the space.

The good news awaits lovers of vintage – such furniture is also still in demand. But when choosing it, one must consider the shape, colour and functional features suitable for a particular room. The best option is compactness to take up as little space as possible.

Upholstered furniture in 2021 should be non-standard and surprise in appearance. So, velour and chenille upholstery for armchairs and sofas are popular. Its convenience and long-term use distinguish furniture with such upholstery.

As for the colours, in the new season, it is better to choose upholstered furniture in mustard colour and its shades. You can also pay attention to lemon, apricot, red, burgundy, blue, cyan, violet, lilac, pale green and purple colours.

Fashionable changes also affected kitchen furniture. For example, don’t worry about hanging cabinets or items with metal handles. The covering on the cabinets should be matt. You should also give up bright accessories – only minimalism.

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Form and function

At the moment, many types of furniture are practical, unusual in shape and folding design.

For small premises, it is better to choose transformer furniture. It is compact because it does not require a lot of space, and also has functionality.

The shapes of sofas and armchairs are rounded. It is worth focusing on large asymmetrical shapes, products with ethnic motives and even products that resemble sculptures.

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Selection rules

Before choosing a store, you need to determine what is needed and what rules to follow not to regret your decision in the future. Therefore, you need:

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 When choosing cabinet furniture, inspect the surface to exclude chips and other defects. It is also necessary to check how the drawers open: easily or tightly.

 To choose solid wood furniture, you should look at how the surface is sanded. The coating should also be checked for integrity.

 It is not easy to choose soft furnishings. This aspect is because you cannot see the accessories and details hidden in the depths. Therefore, it is necessary to decide on one criterion – convenience. In this case, do not be shy, but ask to sit or lie on the sofa, bed, etc. Carefully examine the upholstery. It should be resistant to wear and tear and easy to clean. The best option is to have removable covers.

 For each piece of furniture, it will not be superfluous to get acquainted with the quality certificate.

 When choosing transforming furniture, you need to check the working mechanism – assembly/disassembly should be carried out easily and unnecessary.

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If we consider all the listed rules for selection and furniture trends, you can equip the room by fashion. At the same time, it will be convenient and comfortable to use the structures.