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What is striking interior design uk?

Someone may immediately think of a riot of colours when the room whimsically combines (or does not combine) red, green, blue, yellow, crimson and blue pieces of furniture and accessories. However, this is not at all the case. A bright interior design uk is not flashy, tasteless, but fashionable, attractive, individual.

Colour spectrum

small grey corner sofa

If we talk about the bright design of the room, what shades are meant?

The most different – from white to black (in fact, the entire spectrum in all kinds of combinations). This is a combination of bold ideas and rich colours. The interior can be kept almost completely in white and diluted with several multi-coloured elements, and it will be bright and memorable.

The whole apartment (house) or a separate room can be bright. Most often, these are:

  •  children’s
  •  living room
  •  kitchen
  •  hallway
  •  bedroom

Many prefer models of calm tones when choosing furniture, citing that such an environment does not bother, does not hurt the eyes, and is suitable for any room. It’s true, but sometimes it’s just boring.


child bedroom
modern sofa uk

A bright sofa bed will fit well into the room of both a preschooler and a teenager. To make the interior more original, you can hang coloured shelves, interesting paintings, an unusual mirror, and paint the cabinet doors. In a word, fantasies have a place to roam.

If you don’t like a riot of colours, you can make the room both bright and restrained. For this, saturated shades of brown, blue, sand tones are suitable. This option is perfect for boys.

Living room

velvet corner sofa
stylish living room uk
modern living room uk

 The living room uk can be called the most important: the whole family gathers in it, they receive guests. If you want to make it colourful, there are several ideas to consider:

Use several contrasting shades (in furniture, wallpaper, curtains, etc.). Moreover, they do not have to be “twisted” at all. An interesting solution: furniture made of natural wood or veneer, snow-white ceiling and walls, upholstered furniture in a noble shade of grey and black details. Simultaneously restrained and bright.

If the soul asks for a riot of colours, there is where to roam. Complex saturated shades are in fashion today:

  •  Plum
  •  Turquoise
  •  Emerald
  •  Mustard
  • Beige

They make the room cosy and enjoyable.


kitchen chair uk
the dining table in kitchen

Bright kitchen furniture has long been in fashion. This room is often the brightest in the apartment. Green, orange, yellow, red, blue doors and countertops are no longer surprising to anyone.

But, like any room in an apartment, the kitchen can be bright and at the same time, not flashy. A kitchen apron of a rich shade – and already, the room becomes completely different. Black countertops and glossy white fronts look very catchy.

Of course, this interior design uk is not for everyone, but if you like everything unusual, then you can try.



In the hallway, you can put a chest of drawers or shelving in an unusual shade (green, blue, red, mustard), a pouffe or an ottoman, hang a mirror in an attractive frame over gold or shiny chrome console, and the room will become bright.


comfy bedroom
green bedroom

As in the bedroom, a riot of colours and fancy colour combinations are inappropriate in the study. But the restrained brightness is in the subject.

General recommendations

living style

To create a bright interior design uk, you don’t need to use many colours in one room. They do not have to be bright in the usual sense of the word. Contrasting or unusual combinations, original items, make the interior design uk memorable.

Sometimes one or two elements are enough to make the room shine with new colours.