5 Ways To Play With Dark Furniture UK In Interior Design UK

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January 9, 2021
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January 11, 2021
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Modern furniture uk is increasingly made in dark colours. And if a single item or a whole set does not raise questions in the window, then at home everything can change radically. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to beat dark furniture uk, everything is quite simple.

The advantages of such furniture

Everyone knows that dark colours are “slimming”. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a suit or a sofa. In any case, the dark object appears to be smaller than the light counterpart. Therefore, leather furniture, for example, black, most likely, even without additional actions on your part, will seem quite acceptable in size.

Upholstery in dark colours guarantees that it will longer retain its presentable appearance, especially if there are children in the house prone to creativity and active games.

It is also important that dark furniture uk is always relevant in contrast to brighter items that can be fashionable for just a couple of seasons.

Dark furniture uk, chosen as the basis for the interior, is an excellent “testing ground” for design creativity. After all, you can use even the most saturated colours for accents without fear that the room will give the impression of luridness.

dark grey sofa

Styles that dark furniture uk can be successfully integrated into classic interiors, decorated in Empire, Art Nouveau styles and into modern ones, designed in the loft, avant-garde, minimalism, and hi-tech styles.

small grey corner sofa

5 Useful Tips

The simplest solution, if it seems that the dark tones of the furniture are “pressing” on you, uses more light, both daylight and artificial. So, heavy curtains and curtains can be replaced with light and almost transparent. Place light sources next to furniture. It can be both floor lamps, sconces or table lamps, and spotlights (including those built into the furniture itself). And don’t be afraid to combine!

Dark furniture uk will benefit from multiple light sources.

modern sofa uk

1.You can change the “background” on which the furniture is placed. This is the floor and /walls. Walls can be repainted (or replaced with wallpaper). But here it is worth giving preference, not to cold white, but, for example, shades of milk, vanilla and ivory. The same approach is with the floor. It is advisable to use a light laminate or linoleum.

A large, light-coloured rug, which will take up a significant portion of the floor, can also help.

2.Create colour-balanced ensembles. For example, a dark sofa will counterbalance the light shelving next to it. A dark armchair will be an excellent base for placing a light pillow on it. A variety of accessories will also help:

 vases, paintings, photo frames. Put on a dark background, and they will look more advantageous.

3.Use plants. These can be indoor “green spaces” (especially those with large leaves) in pots, and cut flowers in vases. The pots and vases themselves can be either neutral or quite bright. In any case, they will shift accents and change the colour ratio.

dark green velvet sofa

4.Play with textures. Glossy decor items will stand out perfectly against the matte background of furniture. And pillows and bedspreads made of fabric, which is noticeably different in texture from furniture upholstery, will subtly change the attraction points.

5.It turns out that there is nothing complicated in working with such interior items. The main thing is to choose a quality product from a well-known manufacturer that will be durable, environmentally friendly and truly stylish.