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How To Combine Many Colors In Interior Design?

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Secrets of colour in the interior design

Secrets of colour in the interior design its work on the furnishings begin with defining a primary colour palette. Only after that, you can start choosing designer furniture, finishing materials and other necessary things.

The colour palette of the room solves several problems:

  •  reflect the tastes of the owners;
  •  provide comfort;
  •  emphasise the advantages of the interior and correct the flaws in the layout.

Colour selection concepts

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There seem to be countless options and combinations. This is true. But there are two main concepts.

Designers use them:

  •  Contrasting. It is built on a combination of opposites. That is, warm colours coexist with cold ones, pastels with rich shades. The solution is appropriate for large areas.
  •  Nuance. The main thing is a minimum of sharpness. A small number of primary colours are welcomed, their complementarity, the absence of pronounced contrasts. Bright accents are allowed. There shouldn’t be too many of them. The design is suitable for different rooms.

 Monochrome interior

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  • The basis of the approach is one accent colour and many variations of its shades. The most important task is to choose the dominant colour. Then its shades are selected. That is, there will be no sharp contrasts and transitions.
  • Traditionally, the darkest colour scheme in the palette ends up on the floor. The walls and ceiling are much lighter. But you can do the opposite – combine dark walls with a lighter shade of the floor if there is enough daylight in the room.
  • Such a room can look dull and monotonous. This is not difficult to avoid with additional interior details. They should have original designs and eye-catching colours. Details cannot be knocked out of the main palette.

Contrasting interior

modern dining room
  • This format is based on two colours. The base colour and complementary colour are selected. Base and add-on should be really different. For example, blue and white, black and sand, grey and yellow.
  • The option allows you to make the zoning of the room easy. This is especially true for studio apartments.
  • For some, this approach may not work. He is chosen by modern personalities inclined to experiment.

Analogue interior

orange and grey living
  • The basis of this concept is the use of paints that are similar in tone. It is necessary to determine in advance whether the main tone will be warm or cold. Such an interior will resemble monochrome.

    For example, orange is chosen as the main one. It will be present in all elements. True, in different quantities. Typically, an analogue circuit uses no more than 3-4 colours.

Interior highlights

bedroom light
  • This role is usually played by designer furniture and décor, textiles. If it is not possible to attract an interior decorator, it is worth taking a nuanced concept. It is less likely to be mistaken. It is worth paying attention to ready-made furniture sets. For example, the bedroom set is thoughtfully designed. It creates a sense of cosiness. It can be supplemented with a designer mirror, an original chandelier, a floor lamp.
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Do you have the desire and courage to experiment? Your option is a contrasting concept. Here you can select every detail yourself.

For example, in a situation where white is chosen as the basis, place bright armchairs and sofas against its background.
Diversity will also bring different textures in the neighbourhood (glossy and matte, leather and fabric).
Paintings and textiles with red colour are welcome. It is important to have a developed sense of taste to achieve balance.

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