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5 Main furniture trends UK in 2021

 Make the room look fashionable and stylish. It is necessary to change the décor completely. Sometimes it is enough to use just a few trendy items to place accents differently and make the room more relevant.

ECO trends UK

This trend is what is called an upward trend. When buying furniture for an apartment, you should pay attention to natural materials and textures. It is they who will allow you to add a touch of ECO to the established interior.

wooden coffee table uk

The easiest way to buy coffee tables with natural wood or veneer elements, chairs, and armchairs with wooden legs. These products are easy enough to integrate into existing environments.

If the environment is created from scratch, then you can make objects in this style basic. They will definitely remain relevant for a long time; they can be beaten with textiles and decor. A good investment is ash and beech tables and dining groups. They look unobtrusive, lightweight and stylish. Sets for a living room, made in eucalyptus veneer, look solid, expensive and elegant.

Unusual shapes

We are accustomed to simple and straightforward shapes, but products that break stereotypes are becoming more popular. Asymmetry, bizarre bends, bright colours, roundness, imitation of natural forms, and materials take place in the interior more and more often. At the same time, their form affects the functionality of objects only positively, because it allows them to “fit” into previously unused spaces.

Attention should be paid to rounded dressers and bedside tables (for example, from the Donna collection) – such bedroom furniture looks a little unusual, but original. The room will also be decorated with items from the Top collection, which attract attention with asymmetry and a unique combination of coatings. Also noteworthy is the Leonardo collection, which will be appreciated by fans of cubic shapes.

modern bedroom

Glass and metal

dining & living room in small space

This trend is relevant at all times. However, the shapes of products and types of materials vary. Today, chrome-plated metal parts, transparent colourless glass (most often tempered) are in demand.

You can pick up dining groups for the dining room, for example, with glass dining tables Paris, Oscar, Miracle.

Consoles and racks, the base of metal, and the shelves and countertops are made of glass, are increasingly being chosen as furniture for the hallway.

Materials that are a pleasure to touch

modern sofa uk

Tactile sensations are significant when choosing upholstered furniture and textiles. That is why the choice increasingly falls on chenille, velour, velvet, suede, soft leather (natural and imitation).

Blankets and bedspreads made of wool, thick yarn, and knitwear are also in demand. They make the “character” of even the most laconic and restrained furniture softer.

Accordingly, such chairs, sofas and armchairs are in priority. And beds are increasingly pleasing with soft and pleasant to the touch headboards.

Muted colours and shades

modern living room uk
scandinavian design house
green velvet sofa uk

Not only in clothes, but also furniture, there are fashionable colours, and designers also dictate them. So, in the current season, the following palette is in demand:

A shade of ash rose (this complex tone goes well with green and blue flowers. Also, it relaxes, does not irritate).

Powder (a shade that can also become a neutral base for forming a furniture set).

Turquoise and mint (related shades that are in harmony with each other and with other trendy colours of the season, they will remain relevant for a long time and bring a touch of freshness to the interior)

Olive colour (it goes well with any warm shades, looks elegant and refined).