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January 20, 2021
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7 Rules For Choosing Rug Sizes For A Room

Rugs are still a topical item in interior design. They can be found in almost any room; even the bathroom often has a small rug. Modern UK Furniture selected basic rules to help you choose the right rug sizes for your home.

cream living room

Rule 1 For Rug Sizes

When choosing a size rug for the living room, be guided by the dimensions so that the sofa’s front legs are completely on it, and the rear ones are not. According to the designers, this is the best option. The front legs will press down on the rug, which will not slide down on the floor, and the legs of the sitters will also be warm. In this case, the space under the sofa can be easily washed without removing the rug. Also, it turns out beautifully.

grey living room uk

Rule 2 For Rug Sizes

If the first option does not suit you, you can choose rug sizes that all the furniture will fit on it. Chairs, a sofa, a coffee table – they will all fit tightly on the rug. Designers point out that this is a perfect way to group furniture and highlight a living room seating area.

brown corner sofa uk

Rule 3 For Rug Sizes

Our distant ancestors also used it; it is a tradition. It says that there should be about 45 cm from the edge of the carpet to the walls! For a small room, this distance can be reduced to 20 cm, the designers say. This strip of the bare floor will accentuate the centre of the carpeted area.

ivory bedroom

Rule 4 For Rug Sizes

In the bedroom, the rug is usually placed at the foot of the bed. It is beautiful and accentuates the centrepiece of the furniture. In this case, the rug sizes should be longer than the bed itself by the same 20–45 cm on each side.

grey bedroom

Rule 5 For Rug Sizes

For those who want to decorate the bedroom with a rug, but to step with bare feet on something soft and warm in the morning, the second option is suitable. The rug size should be placed under the bed so that it protrudes from the sides. We again take 45 cm on both sides for the ideal size, and more is possible, depending on the room’s size. In this case, the rug sizes should not be forgiven up to the headboard.

modern dining room

Rule 6 For Rug Sizes

The designers are unanimous with the rug’s dimensions for the dining room – they should be such that the entire group of the furniture fits completely. A table in the centre and chairs, behind which, up to half a meter of rug sizes should remain.

designer rugs

Rule 7 For Rug Sizes

In the hallway, the rug sizes, or rather the path, should be wide enough to be stepped on with two feet. It is both convenient and beautiful. It is quite possible to deviate from our basic rule of “45 cm” in a narrow hallway, leaving only two narrow strips of bare floor on the sides.

Of course, when carried selecting the rug sizes for a particular room, do not forget colours, ornament, or interior design. The rug sizes will become a very noticeable part of the interior design; therefore, it must correspond to its style and direction.

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