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How To Choose Rugs Texture Material And Color For Modern Living Room?

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Before choosing a rug for the living room, you only need to determine the color and texture material.

What texture material to choose for modern living room?

The rug’s chosen material for the modern living room must meet the budget and the operating conditions – artificial textiles will be more resistant to aggressive factors, direct sunlight, and washes. But natural fibres are more comfortable, safe, especially for children, they keep warm well. The choice in their favor must be made if there is a tiny baby in the house who is just learning to crawl.

fluffy rug

Fluffy rugs for the luxury modern living room are often chosen for rooms that need to be visually, and actually warmer, most often northern rooms require this. It is better to choose such textiles from natural fibres – wool or cotton. It is worth remembering that a long pile is an additional accent, so a drawing on such a coating is not needed.

You can only experiment with the shade, but it all depends on the room’s design style and palette. But natural coatings with long pile are quite difficult to maintain, and their cost is quite high. Another distinctive feature of woolen rugs on the floor in the absence of bright colors, which is also noticeable in the hall’s photo since natural pile does not absorb dye compounds well. But this disadvantage is compensated by the long-term preservation of color, because such shades do not fade, do not lose their saturation.

Silk models and mats are also natural. The former usually decorate the walls, the latter – the kitchen, bathroom, hall decorated in country style, Provence, etc.

Advantages and disadvantages of natural and synthetic rugs

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  • Wool blend models are practical, more affordable than natural wool, and easier to care for.
  • Silk – premium products. Due to the fineness of the fibre, the patterns on such rugs are unique and detailed. Their disadvantages are high price, lack of resistance to direct sunlight, the need for delicate washing.
  • A knitted rug is a fairly durable option that can only be vacuumed without moisture and aggressive chemicals. The price of such products is affordable, but the service life is also not very long.
  • Viscose coatings are durable, rich in shades, wear-resistant, but easily absorb water, so it is better not to get them.
  • Cotton rugs are resistant to moisture, ideal for rooms where allergy sufferers live. But they are easily deformed since they do not have elasticity.
  • Jute products are environmentally friendly, durable, but change their size during the drying process after wet cleaning.
  • Polyamide coatings are elastic, fireproof and durable. These are bright products that are distinguished by wear resistance and ease of maintenance.
  • Polypropylene models are resistant to dirt and dust, and they do not accumulate such substances. These rugs can be quite variegated, but their durability is poor.
  • Polyester products similar to woollen coverings are easy to use and maintain.

Style and color of decorative flooring

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To choose the right rug for the living room floor, it is worth choosing a product in a harmonious color with the design. Along with the shade, the ornament determines the style.

modern classic living room
  • Classic style living room rugs can be of any shape except abstract.
    Symmetry, organic restrained color and characteristic pattern are important here. Monochrome models in this design are rarely used – large rosette ornaments, floral, ancient Greek and ancient Roman motifs are more appropriate. The classic assumes the use of white, beige, gray, chocolate rug – in an organic palette to the interior of the living room, as in the photo below.
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  • Contemporary living room rug
    Is a category of diverse products that can be neutral in color or a bright, catchy shade. The choice depends on the general mood, the scale of the room.
  • In a room decorated in country style, Provence or a chalet, mats and cotton linens will be appropriate.
    Moreover, they can be gray, brown, beige – in a natural palette, but the variegated models are also harmonious. It can be terracotta and lilac rugs in Provence, in chalets – mostly brown and red, although sand will create a warm cozy atmosphere.

Which rug to choose in a modern living room?

orange and grey living

The choice according to the shade of decoration and furniture.

As a rule, rugs and floor textiles are practically not used in technologically advanced modern interiors. The exception is rug – in a living room with modern furnishings, it is appropriate due to its monotony and uniformity of the pile. Abstract patterns are also suitable if there are similar details in the interior. In most technological designs, preference is given to heated floors, but without textile coverings.

In a hall in the style of functionalism, contemporary, minimalism, for an urban room, a modern rug on the floor should be in harmony with the main palette, or it can contrast with it. In many ways, the choice depends on the color of the furniture, floor and walls.

The following solutions will be harmonious:

black living room furniture

The same dark rug is in harmony with dark furniture, which one to choose in the shade – it depends on the living room palette’s saturation. In combination with a light floor, the flooring will become an organic addition to the furniture.

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A bright, catchy element will become an accent, a zoning tool. This is exactly what the red rug, lilac, black, azure, orange, yellow will be – in the living room’s interior, such products are striking, which is noticeable in the photo below. Of course, these will not be isolated spots – other objects of the same tone are sure to be present in the setting.

contemporary living room

For a small living room, choose a light rug, what color it will depend on harmony with the same light finish and furniture. In such colors, you can choose a contrasting product relative to a dark floor or furniture.

American style

Stylish products cover the living room floors in different styles – rugs have varied and sometimes unimaginable shapes, different shades and combinations, exceptional patterns and ornaments. But any characteristic of the models should be supported by other details in the interior – décor, patterns on wallpaper, curtains, upholstery, paintings, etc. A modern rug on the hall floor can repeat the color of a picture on the wall or a pair of vases on a shelf, a profound – individual bright elements. Or it will merge with the decoration of the room.

What pattern to choose a rug in the living room

How to choose an ornament according to the parameters of the room and style.

Ornament or its absence is determined by the style of decoration and the details present in the interior and the need to “fix” some parameters of the room.

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  • The perimeter pattern is the asymmetrical, rigorous solution for classic-style rooms. The wider the ornament, the smaller the room will appear.
  • Drawing on a rug without symmetry and frame design is a priority for freer interiors in style. The randomness of the images allows you to freely arrange furniture, use similar motifs in other details to complete the composition.
  • A square rug with an ornament that emphasizes the correct shape of the product will be harmonious in the same or rectangular room, which needs to be visually made less elongated. Similar models look organic in combination with square pillows on a sofa with a similar pattern.
  • The stripes on the cover change the room’s geometry, so you need to choose a direction that suits your room.
  • The original drawing will become the most attractive accent, so it can only be chosen if the living room is large enough and there are no other similarly catchy details in it.


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When looking for a rug for your living room, it’s impossible to tell which one to choose. You can only rely on your own taste, interior colors, design style. But it is important that the coating is in harmony with the overall composition – in the shade, pattern, shape, texture.

Simultaneously, designers do not recommend choosing models with ornaments that match those details that may be replaced soon. It should be borne in mind that the composition can be slightly changed. And a well-chosen rug on the living room floor will last for many years, of course, if you choose the right care products.

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