How to choose cushions for a sofa in a living room uk interior

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Many people think that cushions are an accessory that decides little when arranging a living room uk. This is not entirely true. Fashionable sofa cushions can improve the quality of rest and significantly change the overall perception of the interior design uk.

Types of cushions

There are many varieties of these products, but the main types are listed below:

  •  classic – small square cushions, which are often called dummies;
  •  round – they are less common, but can also decorate sofas and armchairs;
  •  rollers – can be either part of the basic set of the sofa, or purchased separately, they are usually used to put under the head or legs during rest, are also convenient as an armrest;
  •  non-standard – they can be made both in the form of some objects (fruits, animals, desserts, etc.), and have an abstract form.

As for the size, designer cushions can be either small or reach the dimensions of a pouffe. Depending on the task that the cushion solves, its size is also selected.

An important point is filler. It largely determines how soft the cushion will be, as well as its durability. The most common materials are fibre, holo fan, synthetic winterizer.

Do not be afraid that these materials are synthetic. They are much easier to care for than cushions stuffed with down or feathers. Synthetics also minimise the risk of dust mites.

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What tasks do cushions solve in the living room interior?

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The first task is to give the living room uk, more precisely, the sofas and armchairs located in it. A stylish and functional sofa is not always comfortable from the point of view of relaxation. So, cushions can make the back softer, adjust the armrest’s height, and so on.

 In a word, to optimise upholstered furniture for the rest of the work of a particular person.

The second purpose is to place accents. For example, a restrained monochrome interior wants to be “diluted” with something. This is where cushion time comes in.

By varying their colours, you can give the living room uk a touch of ease, brightness and warmth.

Also, correctly chosen cushions can emphasize the design idea: increase the number of oriental motifs in the corresponding interior or, for example, enhance the Mediterranean flavour, if they have the desired ornament.

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What to look for when choosing decorative cushions

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When choosing a cushion, first of all, think about what role it should play in the interior of your living room uk, as well as whether this decor item will be “solo” or whether it is planned to create a composition of many elements.

After the role of the accessory is determined, you can make a choice based on the following criteria:

  •  colour (it can be either contrasting to the general colour scheme of the room and textiles, or complementary to it);
  • drawing (this moment is critical, if there are several cushions, they should be in harmony);
  •   texture (it can be very diverse: smooth cotton fabric, shiny sequins, rhinestones, embroidery, fringe, soft iridescent satin, fluffy fur, etc.);
  • shape (it should overlap with the style of the living room uk, so, in a futuristic interior, a leather cushion in the shape of a cube is an absolute norm, but in a classic room it will turn out to be alien);
  •   size (it should be proportional to the furniture dimensions and the living room uk as a whole).
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