How to design your bright living room with modern lighting designer?

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January 17, 2021
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Modern lighting designer for bright living room

A designer modern lighting for bright living room in any style should be well lit, whether its windows face south or north. Modern lighting uk help create different communication scenarios and moods, zoning the space and acting as decor. When using glossy surfaces in a bright living room, the lighting uk system can sparkle interior design. Moreover, this effect will be noticeable in bright sunlight.

designer modern lighting

Traditionally, the system is planned from a central device – a large chandelier or a group of lamps above the room’s central part. Spot ceiling spots surround a certain area, and designer modern pendant lighting lamp with an original stylish lampshade is installed next to the sofa or armchair.

But in a modern lighting designer style, you can use additional techniques:

  • You can install lamps with dark shades in the living room UK in light colours in a country house. If there is a second light here, they can descend on long chains or chrome pipes from the upper-level ceiling.
  • A group of lamps of the same shape, but different sizes, looks organically.
  • Small plafonds can be used as whole bouquets or nebulae in interiors designer uk with cosmic features.
designer modern pendant lighting
  • Multilevel ceilings can be equipped with hidden lighting, which will look especially bright in combination with a light shade. This technique visually increases the height of the room and its illumination.
  • Geometrically correct and irregular shapes are an interesting option for lampshades. Such lamps can, in a complete set, but of the same size, take the central chandelier’s place.

A floor lamp in the same shape as the main lamps will harmoniously complement any composition.

velvet corner sofa

In a modern lighting designer, backlighting can be used everywhere, although today it is relevant in all styles.
The halo around the TV, the illumination of all niches and even open shelves looks interesting.

Living room light shades

A contemporary living room lighting, decorated in light colours, can be monochrome or made in two or three shades. In the first case, both the decoration and the furniture will be the same colour, but different designer lamp shades uk.

If you pick up items for coverings in the same tone, space will turn out to be even more free and weightless. But most often they still choose, if not contrasting, then harmonious models.

dark grey sofa

And the choice of modern lighting designer furniture will not be difficult:

  • The living room’s main subject is the sofa – a place for the whole family to gather and relax in the evening.
    These are usually low models in modern lighting design trends with a simple geometric shape, monochromatic upholstery. Of the décor, they may have several pillows – contrasting or the same as the upholstery.
grey living room uk
  • Of the many relevant products, the most functional is chosen – not only those that unfold, but also have storage spaces, bars, and linen boxes.
    Convertible models can also have retractable footrests, armrests, headrests, which will make the rest in front of the TV even more comfortable.
  • A modern lighting designer object for the same interior – lighting uk in the style of minimalism, hi-tech or techno – can have metallic threads in the upholstery and a corresponding shine.
    This is true for glossy furnishings. But for matte coatings in the modern living room uk, more traditional models are used.
interior design uk

In addition to soft interior design items, modern lighting designers mainly use hidden storage areas and minimalistic open or closed shelves. A contemporary coffee table UK can be present here in a simple geometric and original form.

When there is not enough space in the modern living room UK to hide things and cabinets from the eyes, you can use the so-called wall in the modern living room UK. It will not have a slide for dishes, carvings and decorative details. They choose strict smooth facades, preferably without protruding accessories.