How do you decorate your living room with unusual mirrors UK?

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Unusual mirrors UK and modern mirrors for living room interior design are a unique element that allows you to solve several different tasks. By and large, all the functions of such detail are reduced to a visual expansion of the space, and it becomes twice large.

Stylistic uses of unusual mirrors uk

Modern mirrors for living room interior design are a unique element that allows you to solve several different tasks. By and large, all the functions of such detail are reduced to a visual expansion of the space, and it becomes twice large. Is always a win-win option for decor and the interior’s overall harmony. But the format of the reflective surface, size, framing – it all depends on the style of decoration. And mirror elements are appropriate in any direction.

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In Provence’s style, shabby chic, any other old, slightly shabby direction, it will be interesting to look at ordinary rectangular unusual mirrors in a simple old frame, installed against a wall without fasteners. The primitiveness of such a decision speaks only of the straightforwardness and simplicity of the situation. Such an unusual mirrors UK, leaning against the wall, will look just as laconic, and in neoclassicism – in a restrained, but elegant and noble style.

In art deco, a sun mirror is often used above the sofa – framed in the form of sun rays.
Finishing with reflective elements is often used here: bevelled mirror tiles in the interior look luxurious and expensive. At the same time, it is also relevant in the modern interpretation of most design directions, since a pure reflective plane has no emotional colouring or compositional features. In Art Deco, you can combine the sun in the interior and tiles.

An unusual mirrors UK in an interior with a pattern can occupy a part of the wall, the facades of hanging cabinets, and an accent surface.
As a rule, ornaments are repeated in different details, which makes the composition complete and harmonious. Such decor with varying degrees of functionality is applicable in different styles – from minimalism to baroque. Designs reduce surface reflections, but expand space and add a touch of chic to any setting.

In a classic living room, it will be an elegant frame with gilding or expensive wood.
The solemn interior implies both monograms and carvings, which can be covered with patina or simply varnished.

An unusual mirrors UK can be used in minimalism without any decoration and even frames – a simple rectangle above the sofa.

Where to hang framed unusual mirrors?

The format most understandable for most owners is an ordinary rectangular or oval mirror in a frame, which most often performs a decorative function, which depends on the object’s location.

For example, such an element in the hallway’s interior is intended so that you can look at yourself when collecting. But the same product above the sofa in the hall setting will be used to expand the space and visually decorate it.

Similarly, you can hang a reflective surface over a chest of drawers, a fireplace, or a cosmetic table. And each time it will perform both the main function and the decorative one.

Such an element is not obtrusive because, of the reflection of people in any mood and form, it is hung at such a height where a person will be reflected only while standing or walking. The best place is the wall above the sofa. They try to place the unusual mirrors UK in the middle between the back of the sofa and the ceiling.

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Unusual mirrors UK wall – exclusive finish

Perhaps the most interesting use of reflective elements in the interior is the mirror wall in the living room. Neither cabinet facades, nor patterned panels, nor framed mirrors look as impressive as large-scale trim.

It is appropriate in different styles; therefore, it can be made with a facet or a solid surface assembled from different panels. Most often, a wall is chosen, assembled from bevelled rhombuses. It carries both functional and aesthetic value. The living room becomes several times larger, which is especially convenient for small spaces.

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But such a finish must be handled skillfully.

  • It is unlikely that the room will be cosy if the unusual mirrors tiles in the modern living room interior design are opposite the sofa, that is, vacationers will look at themselves instead of the TV. It will not be very comfortable to drink tea or dine here, looking at each other in reflection.
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  • Mirrored walls will be more harmonious at the end of the room. Here they often hide cabinets, being, in fact, their facades.
  • This wall decoration behind the sofa is another organic option for visually increasing the space. Here, a similar living room decor looks unobtrusive, significantly expanding the available area.
  • Mirror mosaic in the interior or large tiles in front of the surface with photo wallpapers depicting a corridor, colonnade or enfilade look luxurious. Reflection of such a plot expands the space even more.

How to use unusual mirrors UK in the living room and kitchen?

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The combination of rooms allows you to increase the space not only visually, but also in fact. At the same time, the inclusion of mirror surfaces in the setting will enable you to enhance the effect obtained. It can be a mirror in the living room or, after all, mirror tiles in the interior of the kitchen.

The choice of techniques depends on the style and design features.

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  • In simple rustic styles, a wall mirror in the guest section would be appropriate. It can be located above the sofa if the sofa stands against the wall, near a tub with a flower in any corner of little use.
  • In classic ceremonial styles, living room designs with unusual mirrors UK can include huge reflective surfaces in floor-to-ceiling frames. In such an interior, mirrored facades can also be used in the guest territory’s built-in wardrobes and the kitchen set.
  • The mirror mosaic in the apron of the working area looks organic. True, it will have to be looked after more than any other finish, but the effect is worth it. As a rule, such decoration is complemented with furniture with similar facades or inserts, partitions, mezzanines.
  • In modern styles, reflective materials can be used to clad bar counters, coffee tables, etc. Their appearance emphasises the coldness of the metal, the predominance of which is characteristic of high-tech, futurism, urbanism.
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Unusual mirrors UK are most often used in the living room’s interior design to expand the space because few people will like living room surrounded by their reflections.

Therefore, to install such surfaces, choose a place where they will not be intrusive. Thus, it is important not only to find a suitable area, but also to choose the shape, size, and mirror’s finish. Only then will it become an exceptional highlight of the interior design, which will decorate and make it more harmonious and functional.

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