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Different curtain types: contemporary curtains from Tulles to Lambrequins

Any composition will be complete and harmonious with a few strokes, including curtains. Designer contemporary curtains will decorate any interior, but sometimes simple and ingenious solutions are enough. A beautiful color, suitable format and finish will make contemporary curtains a real decoration. The types of contemporary curtains uk in the living room also different: it can be beautiful light curtains in the style of a classic, neoclassical; openwork – in shabby chic; in flower – in Provence; with a geometric pattern – in a modern design. It can be dense canvases – matte, glossy, with lambrequins, ruffles, grabs or without them. These can be combined with translucent tulle or stand-alone. Instead of curtains, traditional curtains can complement Roman or roll, models.

Separate questions arise when decorating a living room with a bay window. Here you can choose one-piece contemporary curtains or a separate one for each glass unit. It is especially convenient in this case to use Roman and rolled canvases. They can be combined with conventional models or leave such glazing only with compact and lightweight curtains.

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Piecework curtains are often chosen for adjacent openings. You can purchase two light curtains separately for two windows, and blackout curtains are a traditional set that will combine two openings into a single whole.

Contemporary curtains on eyelets

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The choice of the format of luxury curtains often depends on how often they will be used. For example, thick curtains are more often pulled apart than light translucent curtains. Therefore, for regular use, it is worth choosing functional and durable curtains on the eyelets. It is these models that are optimal for decorating a window opening with a balcony door.

Luxury curtains with lambrequin

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Models with a lambrequin are a traditional solution for a classic interior. Such décor of curtains makes the decoration of the window solemn, elegant, noble. As a rule, it complements with bright cords and tassels, which serve as grabs.

But double curtains of this type are also appropriate in many other interiors – in-country, Provence, neoclassicism, etc. Combined curtains look attractive in a hall with one window – there can be two colors separately falling canvases and separately decorative drapery over the opening.

Roman blinds curtains

blinds curtains uk

Roman blinds are a functional model for laconic, minimalistic design directions, in which there is no place for unnecessary décor, lush finishes, or pretentious details. But even such products can be elegant, stylish or decorative if you choose a fabric with a pattern or a bright accent color.

Modern curtains uk for the living room can look more elegant if uniform canvases between the slats are draped. This option is appropriate for Provence, Classicism and Neoclassical styles

Austrian curtains

Austrian curtains uk

A variety of Roman curtains with lush folds is called “Austrian curtains”. They combined Roman functionality and the grace of classic French draperies. The modern design of such curtains implies transformation: when opened, the curtain is an ordinary flat canvas, which, when assembled, is a luxurious drapery.

Japanese fabric panels

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Invented and widely used in Japan, the minimalistic panel curtains are framed with stretched fabric. Usually, these are sliding systems that can consist of several parts – the larger the window, the more such details can be in the structure.

Japanese canvases fit well into modern interiors, where the forms of interior objects are subordinated to their function, where there is no decor.

Roller blinds

Roller blinds

The simplest modern models are comfortable and functional. They occupy only the transparent part of the glass unit; therefore, they can be easily combined with traditional curtains or allow you to design the opening concisely and restrained. These are the ideal contemporary curtains uk for bay windows in the living room, which will have to be closed and opened separately.

Living room tulle curtains

tulle curtains

Tulle is most often used as permanent light curtains – for the hall, this is the best option to cover the windows from bright sunlight and curious views from the street. The translucent fabric can be easily combined with heavy curtains in any style and color. But tulle in the living room can also be chosen for independent window decoration, especially for short curtains.

Together with tulle, curtains look more impressive, and the composition looks complete. People resting in the living room feel more secure when the window is closed during the day.

Such fabric is easily washed; it looks unobtrusive and weightless; it is simply combined with different canvases in different styles.

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