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The rug in the living room interior design

Textile elements in the living room interior design create cosiness and warm atmosphere. These include bedspreads, throws, pillows and rugs. It would be best if you chose a rug for the hall, taking into account many nuances – from the shape of the room or recreation area to the style of decoration, colour and material.

Fluffy, woollen, wicker, plain, coloured, rectangular, round or curly – such details decorate the interior, highlight the accents in the composition, create a pleasant atmosphere. Modern rugs in the living room – a wide range of models, the choice of which depends on the room’s design, personal preferences, and harmony rules.

How to find the perfect rug for your living room

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The variety of styles, shades and patterns allows you to choose organic details for the décor in any design direction.

Before choosing the right rug for the living room floor, you need to determine the following parameters:

  • a palette of design and accents to determine the colour of the coating;
  • the size;
  • the form;
  • pattern;
  • texture (material, pile length).

The combination of characteristics will complete the harmonious composition in the interior.

What size should the living room rug be?

American style

The dimensions of the coating directly depend on the availability of free space and furniture in the room. Living room rugs are chosen primarily to cover the empty floor. It is an economical and most decorative solution.

A rug can be placed under the furniture legs – it is chosen for functional, simple interiors in a modern living room. This type of finish is not suitable for retro or rustic designs.

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Traditionally, rugs in the interior of any living room occupy an area proportional to the room. A tiny piece of textiles in a huge room looks ridiculous, so it becomes obvious how to choose the rug’s size for the living room – large models for spacious rooms and vice versa. The main thing is that people sitting on a sofa or armchairs can put their feet up and feel the covering’s warmth and not look at it from the side.

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The rug’s size should be proportional to the amount of furniture around it, it also depends on what format the zoning is used, accents in the living room – that is, the role that is assigned to the textile covering.

It can repeat the shape of a recreation area in a combined space, contrast with the main design or be in the same tone with it, form an integral component with other objects – upholstered furniture. For example, a rectangular rug in the living room, laid next to the corner sofa, makes its shape correct, organic, complete, so it looks like a single whole.

If several functional areas are formed in the hall, small rugs, perhaps even of different shapes, will do. These can be the same models – with the same pattern, in the same shade, or completely different – for accents and zoning.

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Large rugs in the living room are chosen if the room is empty enough – equipped with built-in wardrobes, furnished only with upholstered furniture, a TV, possibly a fireplace. Usually, floor textiles take up quite a large space here.

The main thing is that there is no feeling of excessive filling of the room. The most successful would be a combination of a large rug with a fine pile, or, conversely, a fluffy modern rug on the floor in a laconic hall design, but small in oval or round shape.

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There is no definite answer to what size the rug in the living room should be. Remember only that textured elements effectively fill the space, so their number should be proportional to the room’s dimensions.

 Which rug shape is best for the living room?

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Traditional rectangular models have lost their relevance – today oval, round rugs, fashionable irregular shapes, which look original in the living room’s interior on the floor. Still, they clearly indicate the relaxation area in the hall has come into fashion. It is easy to arrange armchairs or small sofas around such elements, to form a place for communication and relaxation.

round grey rug
  • A round rug is an elegant solution for a living room’s interior, decorated in any design direction.
    This is the best option for a room where the recreation area is more intended for communication or is located in the room’s centre. Usually, this is how the hall looks like when combined with the kitchen and dining room, then the sofa and several armchairs stand separately. This area can be easily formed into a circle, and the beautiful rugs in the living room will help accentuate this shape.
    It is only important to put the furniture so that your feet are on a soft surface. Large round chandeliers and mirrors on the walls are used symmetrically with a detail of this shape.
  • The oval rug in the living room interior design.
    Focuses on the spacious seating area; such details blend harmoniously into rectangular rooms when the sofa is against a long wall.
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  • Rectangular model
    Are a traditional solution for a simple, functional design, in which there are straight upholstered furniture, flat walls, cabinet items.
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  • A square rug is a floor covering for the living room floor, which can be chosen for the corresponding shape’s room.
    This shape is equivalent to round elements – around the square, it is easy to form an organic seating area with furniture for comfortable communication or spending time in front of the TV.
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When choosing which rug is best for your apartment’s living room, you need to remember that such a detail can change the parameters of a room. For example, a square balances out the disproportionate sides – a too long and narrow room, but it is important to choose the right size here. On the other hand, a long rug run will make the room narrower, which will be useful for square rooms with not the best arrangement of windows and doors. The shape of an oval will work similarly.

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If the living room is too large, it needs to be divided into several zones, which can be done visually with several fashionable rugs of different sizes and shapes.